Flathead Cherries, Inc.

About Flathead Cherries, Inc.

Providing fresh, flavorful cherries thoughout Montana since 2009.

Bigfork, Montana

Growing, protecting, and harvesting tree fruit crops requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements including soil composition, tree hydration, and smart pest management.  Our farming team knows when to water, and when not to, according to a water metering equipment upgrade in 2016. We keep records of the water used during the growing season so that we remain within the limits of our water rights to ensure that our neighbors have water, too.  We know that fruit fly, powdery mildew, weeds, and coddling moths are pests that need monitoring and control.  Most of the products we use to control pests can be found on the National Organic Pesticide List because we believe that protecting our trees and our environment is paramount. We also meticulously track all products used to protect our trees and strictly adhere to preharvest intervals - the time between the last spray and picking -  so that the fruit we bring you will be healthy to eat!   

To reduce human handling of the produce, and to thwart the growth of microbes after harvest, the cherries are loaded directly into clean shipping lugs and placed into refrigeration quickly.  We bring you the most flavorful cherries directly from the farm by minimizing the time our produce is off the tree before it is sold.  Our goal is to bring you the freshest produce possible.   


Everyone involved in Flathead Cherries, Inc., has a rich understanding of agricultural environments and recognizes the natural elements required to bring you the most flavorful fruit.  


Other Products


Yes, we are growing peaches, too!  We begin selling in mid August and finish when we run out of peach deliciousness.



We bring awesome Montana apples in late September and Early October to the Yellowstone Valley Farmers' Market in Billings.  We currently offer Macintosh, Cortland, Empire, Golden Delicious, and (soon) Honey Crisp.  Market attendance is subject to ripe fruit!    



We have great Montana grown walnuts and hazelnuts! During the winter we shell the walnuts and freeze them for freshness.  Then, right before the cherries are ready we saute them in real Maple syrup and package them for our first markets!