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Flathead Cherries, Inc.

Providing fresh, sweet, picked ripe cherries...

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What are Flathead Cherries?

 Flathead Cherries are the most delicious cherries in Montana, of course!!  And we've got them!!

Well, actually... there really is no such thing as a "Flathead Cherry" any more than there is a "Washington Cherry."  It's just the area in which the cherry is grown.  Flathead cherries are grown in abundance around Flathead Lake mostly by family farmers like us.  Flathead Cherries, Inc sells Vanns, Lamberts, Rainiers and Lapins and expects to have some earlier and some later cherries in the years to come.  We love the flavor of Lamberts and bring that to you at Farmers' Markets early in the season!!!  Lapins are a later season cherry that many grocery stores carry due to the extended shelf life, and we bring them to you later in the season.  This spring we planted 100 new trees and expect to add a few more next year.  We will have a few Golden cherries this year, too.  We  also had our first taste of Chelan cherries this year from our orchard, but the birds enjoyed them more quickly than we did!  We'll be the early birds next year!  The one I got was pretty good, though, so look for an earlier start to our season next year.  

Our orchard is in Yellow Bay - an area about halfway between Bigfork and Polson on the east shore of Flathead Lake.  Flathead Lake is huge and moderates temperatures year-round to assist in the production of a superbly sweet "Flathead Cherry".

Where do I get Flathead Cherries?
Flathead Cherries are available to you at various farmers markets and roadside stands throughout Montana and northern Wyoming. 
Special Orders

Want Flathead Cherries in your town?  Let us know - we'll see what we can do for you.  We deliver special orders to areas we aren't able to cover at regular Farmers Markets.  But, please look at our schedule and see if we might be able to stop by your town to make deliveries while we are on our                       regular route!!!

Flathead Cherries, Inc.
23726 MT Hwy 35
Bigfork, MT  59911
(406) 591-0740
(406) 885-0997


Fun cherry facts:
In every cup of cherries 
     There is .2grams of fat
          and about 75 calories
          and 10% of your daily fiber needs
             (based on a 2,000 calorie diet)